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February 2007

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In this Issue:

  • Visual DataFlex
    • Vista Support
    • New White Papers
  • Dynamic AI – V 5.3.01 Released
  • Diary Date

Visual DataFlex

Vista Support

During the development of Windows Vista, Microsoft made several key changes that are meant to improve overall quality, security, and reliability from previous versions of Windows. While Microsoft made investments in Windows Vista to provide backwards compatibility, some of the system changes, such as User Account Control and default configurations make Windows Vista behave quite differently from previous versions of Windows.

The Changes in Vista will impact most existing software, including Visual DataFlex, and Data Access are currently determining what changes will be necessary or desirable to support Data Access products on Windows Vista. Data Access Worldwide will provide full support for Microsoft’s Vista operating system in future releases of Visual DataFlex Studio, Client Engines and Web Application Server.

Testing of Visual DataFlex 12 has confirmed that the default Vista configuration precludes Visual DataFlex from operating according to specification, with the main areas of incompatibility being

  • The Impact of User Account Control
  • Changes in the IIS Management API
  • Inconsistencies in some user interface behaviour

The process of determining what is needed to fully support Vista is ongoing and we recommend you read the full document from Data Access. We shall keep you informed as more information becomes available.

White Papers

Two new white papers are available relating to Visual DataFlex 12. The first is Getting the most from Visual DataFlex 12 Studio which will help you understand how Visual DataFlex Studio works and how to configure it for maximum performance and productivity. The second is Migrating Applications to Visual DataFlex 12 which will help to familiarise you with the changes Visual DataFlex 12 brings to your development environment before you migrate your applications.

Dynamic AI V 5.3.01 Released

A new revision of Dynamic AI has just been released. Now available in more languages, this release includes a number of additional features and fixes.

Business Intelligence solutions are not easily affordable for the small to medium business owner, but Dynamic AI is the exception to the rule. This low cost, browser based reporting tool can produce reports in real-time. It will help your business to consolidate, organise, mine, analyse and interpret information held in various different database formats. By connecting the various data sources and allowing you to drill down to the lowest level of detail, this intuitive tool will enable you to produce sophisticated reports fast and efficiently. If you would like to know more about how Dynamic AI can save you time and your company money, call us on +44 (0)188 988 8709.

Diary Date

The next Visual DataFlex Special Interest Group (VDF SIG) is to be held a little earlier this Spring on Saturday, 10th March. The agenda still has to be finalised but is likely to focus on Web application development and where VDF is taking us with a development framework that can deliver “rich, visually exciting, browser based business solutions”.