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March 2007

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In this Issue:

  • Visual DataFlex 12.1 – coming soon
  • Electos 3.0 Released
  • Electronic Communication – New Laws
  • Microsoft Vista – Cautious uptake
  • Diary Date

Visual DataFlex 12.1 – coming soon

Visual DataFlex 12.1 will be showcased at Synergy 2007 in Miami during May. It will feature a variety of enhancements. and of particular significance is the new capability for developers to build and deploy really good looking, state-of-the-art, Windows applications!

There will be a new framework for adding sophisticated Microsoft® Office style command bars. This framework fully supports menu and toolbar customization enabling you to enhance your application’s usability and appearance. The Visual DataFlex Studio allows you to visually create your command bar and you can add/edit/delete accelerators, controls, icons, and toolbars very easily.

The new capabilities are provided through the integration in Visual DataFlex of Codejock Software’s Xtreme CommandBars™. This allows you to choose from predefined themes such as Microsoft Office XP, Office 2003, Visual Studio .NET, or to create your own custom theme. Xtreme CommandBars will give Visual DataFlex Windows application toolbars and menus a professional, modern appearance similar to many popular Microsoft products.

We shall bring you more information about Visual DataFlex 12.1 in due course, but if you want to be among the first to see it demonstrated and learn about the new enhancements and functionality, why not sign up for Synergy 2007, details can be found below in Date for your Diary.

Electos 3.0 Released

The latest issue of Data Access’s powerful Content Management System (CMS) has just been released. Electos 3.0 makes creating, maintaining, organising and publishing website content so easy and, there’s no need for HTML skills. It’s entirely web-based, which makes it possible to update your website anytime and from anywhere. The new User interface supports drag-and-drop making it even more user-friendly. Other improvements include a fully customizable Webshop, integrated image uploading and resizing and assignable password-controlled rights. Electos 3.0 also supports the deployment of multiple websites on the same web server, allowing for ASP hosting of websites. Electos 3.0 can be downloaded from here or for more information on what’s new see new features. (Note: Electos 3.0 requires Visual DataFlex 12 or higher.)

Electronic communication – New Laws

The new Companies Act 2006 has introduced various electronic communication provisions that require a company’s registered name, number and certain specified particulars to be stated on all its hard and soft copy correspondence. These include emails, order forms, websites and SMS text messaging.

This Act is a result of the implementation of a number of EU directives and is intended to protect the interests of the consumer. As a result, all websites must carry a geographic business address (a PO Box address is not sufficient) and other contact details such as email address and phone number. In addition you must supply the company registration number and address, place of registration, for a company or a Limited Liability Partnership (LLP), VAT number if VAT registered, and details of any trade and professional body or scheme with which the business is registered together with the registration number if applicable.

This information does not need to be on every page but must be “easily, directly and permanently accessible”. Recommended pages would be “about us”, “contact us” or “disclaimer & Legal information”. In addition, full prices must be clear and indicate whether they are inclusive of tax and delivery costs. For more information see Companies Act 2006.

Microsoft Vista – Cautious uptake

A report published recently stated that 64% of the 100 financial services firms surveyed had no plans to move to Microsoft’s new Vista operating system and, only 24% anticipated migrating to Vista within the next 12-18 months. However, 32% said they would expect to implement the new platform when they revamp their existing hardware.

Of the reasons given, the majority ranked compatibility as the most important factor in the decision making while just over a third cited cost and complexity, followed by the time taken to switch to the new platform.

Microsoft claims Vista will be its fastest-selling operating system ever, but given the size and complexity of many financial companies’ systems, it is not surprising that they prefer to wait until their next hardware upgrade.

Diary Date

Synergy 2007 takes place in Miami on 16th-18th May and promises to pack into just 3 days, sessions covering a broad range of product, development and business topics. There will be a preview of Visual DataFlex 12.1 which promises to have the WOW factor, or you may find the presentation, that will show you how to make more of Studio, highlighting the features and giving you tips and tricks to make development faster and easier, worth it’s weight in gold. Another session on standardising application deployment on SQL Servers will give you invaluable advice on how the changes in the SQL market and advances in connectivity, combine to make standardising on a server-based deployment more effective than ever before. To book your place or for more information, visit Synergy.