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November 2007

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In this Issue:

  • Visual DataFlex Version 12.1 Released
  • Dynamic AI v6.0 Released
  • ScanDUC 2007
  • Diary Date

Visual DataFlex Version 12.1 released

VDF 12.1, alongside the usual minor improvements and bug-fixes, brings the magic of CodeJock to Visual DataFlex. One aspect of this is a new visual menu and toolbar design capability built into the Studio to allow you to quickly and easily integrate CodeJock’s Xtreme CommandBars into your applications. Although not every aspect of CodeJock comes “in the box” (if you want features beyond the CommandBar set – and there are many – then you will need to buy those in addition), Data Access have provided seamless, redistributable usage of the menus, button-bars, status panels and context-menus (“right-click” menus) that this new capability allows you to develop.

Both tool-bar buttons and menu items can now feature both text and graphics, while individual views and other containers can have their own tool-bars in addition to (or instead of) the global application one.

Like VDF 12.0, VDF 12.1 is available for free download in a Personal Edition for non-commercial use – try it out today!

Dynamic AI v6.0 released

The new version of Dynamic AI features a much improved (read: “more intuitive”) user interface, with no more searching around to work out where to start from: a new menu bar gives access to all of the common functions to get up and running – creating reports, dashboards and other BI features. In addition, a powerful new “Join Builder” takes the pain out of developing the SQL statements used to extract the data on which to base your reporting. Other powerful features, such as Scheduled E-Mailing and Report Versioning and Documentation, combine to make Dynamic AI an enormously powerful tool, available at a fraction of the price of comparable products.

Because Dynamic AI is a server-based product, accessed through a web browser, it is zero-setup on the users’ systems (and in fact even the server setup is not too onerous) and because it uses concurrent user-counting, rather than a licence per user-machine, it can provide an alternative that competes well on price with even the cheapest reporting solutions.

Dynamic AI v6 Personal Edition is available as a free download for non-commercial use – get started with Business Intelligence today!

ScanDUC 2007

The ScanDUC 2007 conference was held in Fredrikstad, Norway on 1st and 2nd November 2007. A packed program included presentations on Visual DataFlex 12.1, Dynamic AI v6.0, Web Services, Virtualisation, CodeJock, Electos 3.1, Ajax, outsourced Indian development and a VDFWiki set up by Jacob Andresen of Sture Aps (which came out of a discussion on the Charlottes Web blog site) using the WikiMedia software that runs Wikipedia. We were so impressed by this last item and, as an important addition to the Data Access community’s on-going strength, we immediately published the relevant aspects of our own Mike Peat’s presentation to the conference on its pages (see XML Logging and XML Replay).

Pictures from the conference can be found here.

Diary Dates

EDUC 2008 – The next European DataFlex User Conference will be held in Moscow in May 2008. This is an opportunity for you to meet, learn and share knowledge and experiences with some of the most experienced and influential DataFlex developers from Europe and beyond. In addition you will be able to take excursions to see the Kremlin and Red Square or the Space Mission Control Centre. We recommend you register early and don’t forget you will require a visa. If you visit the official EDUC 2008 website you will be able to download the visa application form and find other helpful information. So why not make a note in your diary to join us in Russia next Spring.