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April 2009

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April 2009 news:

Mike Peat’s new love interest…

For quite some time now, Mike has been threatening to purchase a new laptop. We all know the agony, we’re attached to our existing laptops, everything is “set up” and it works – but then things start to go wrong, the laptop starts to fail us at the most inconvenient times. Once the “new machine” idea had popped into Mike’s head it was merely a matter of time and research before the replacement was found. The main requirements were that Mike didn’t want to have Windows® Vista™ on his main machine and he wanted to use virtual machines, therefore the new machine needed to have plenty of resources.

Once Mike started his investigations, the MacBook looked better and better, he was quickly hooked. He’s currently configured the Mac so he can use several virtual machines as well the Mac itself: a Windows® XP™ VM, an Ubuntu® Linux VM and a Red Hat® Fedora Linux VM. Needless to say Mike’s delighted with his MacBook and we here at Unicorn think they make a lovely couple!

Mertech announces Flex2SQL for MySQL in beta testing

Mertech has announced that the latest release of the Flex2SQL for MySQL driver is now in beta testing. The Flex2SQL for MySQL v10.x driver contains a number of enhancements the most important of which is a new intelligent data fetching mechanism to improve performance. Other enhancements included in the release are the elimination of the .TD file, the inclusion of a global configuration (INI) file and improved control over NULL handling.

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Feedback from Internet World 2009

The Internet World conference took place in London on the 28th, 29th and 30th April 2009. Unicorn’s Mike Peat was on the Data Access stand demonstrating the beta version of Dynamic AI 6.3, for which feedback from visitors was extremely positive. In particular, this beta version contains a new feature that makes drilling down, organising and reporting on your data easier than ever before.

Diary Dates

Data Access Netherlands will be hosting the Scandinavian DataFlex Users Conference (Scanduc) at the Radisson SAS Strand Hotel, Stockholm, Sweden, on the 24th and 25th September 2009.

There will be an extra training day on the 23rd September.