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May 2009

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In this Issue:

Unicorn celebrates 20 years in the IT industry

In June this year Unicorn will have been operating for 20 years. In the same year that Unicorn was born, the initial proposal for the World Wide Web was unveiled by Tim Berners-Lee, and from that point on the way in which organisations went about their business was changed forever. The rate of change for everyone involved in the IT industry was rapid, with users everywhere wanting to make use of the web. Unicorn had the expertise to help organisations move towards web based systems, becoming known as leaders in the field.

The speed at which internet technology develops has not slowed down from when Unicorn started, if anything it has increased. Over the years we have always kept abreast of the lastest developments in web services and technology, enabling us to offer you the best advice and solutions for your requirements.

Although, we have changed office locations, and staff have moved (and in some cases returned), we are still as dedicated to providing the high standards of service and support today as we were when we first started.

In celebration of our achievements we will be running a series of small competitions over the next few newsletters, giving you the opportunity to win prizes.

We would like to thank all of our customers, both old and new for supporting us over the years.

Visual DataFlex 2009 Beta Testing started

The Beta release of Visual DataFlex 2009 is now available for developers to try out the new features ahead of the official product release. Participating in the Beta testing program gives you the opportunity to be involved in the progress of the release.

Data Access online training for May

Data Access online courses are designed to be concise, delivering you relevant information direct to your place of work.

You can still join the following online courses this month:

  • Introduction to Web Services – Tuesday May 19th
  • Creating Client-Side Validations in Web Applications with Java Script – Tuesday May 26th

Need help managing your cloud environment?

Cloud is no longer a word to be associated with gloomy and dull, as increasing numbers of organisations are turning to cloud-based technologies to reduce costs and increase efficiency. However, although there are clear advantages to be had from moving to a cloud environment, careful planning and management is crucial. Examples of areas that can easily be overlooked are:

  • the security of your data and systems
  • the way in which you integrate disparate systems, particularly if you are taking advantage of open source solutions

Unicorn can support and advise you on how to get the best from cloud computing, and can provide cost effective solutions to address those areas that can so easily get left to the end of a project, such as, security or system integration.

Unicorn supports the London to Brighton cycle ride

We are proud to sponsor one of our consultants, Neil Cordell, to complete the London to Brighton cycle ride. Neil is taking part in this famous event, the UK’s largest charity bike ride, to raise money on behalf of the British Heart Foundation.

If you would like to support the British Heart Foundation by sponsoring Neil, follow this link

Diary Dates

Data Access Netherlands will be hosting the Scandinavian DataFlex Users Conference (Scanduc) at the Radisson SAS Strand Hotel, Stockholm, Sweden, on the 24th and 25th September 2009. There will be an extra training day on the 23rd September.

The European DataFlex Users Conference (EDUC) is a 2-day conference, at Seefeld, Tirol in Austria, on the 4th and 5th March 2010. The event is also being referred to as SKIDUC, to reflect both the season and the location of the conference. The event will deliver technical lectures about Data Access products, including programming tips and tricks.