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April 2010

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Roundup of EDUC 2010 in Seefeld

We are still trying to sober Mike up after his visit to EDUC 2010 in Seefeld, Austria at the beginning of March. So far he has muttered about very fast floodlit night skiing, strange Germanic variants of curling in the dark, late-night jam sessions with the “DataFlex Players” band and night-time walks in the snowy Alpine woods… in fact we are not entirely sure he was awake during the daytime at all! (He must have been some of the time, as he gave a well attended two-day JavaScript training course prior to the conference, as well as a presentation during the conference itself.)

The conference was a resounding success with plenty of interesting and relevant presentations about the latest developments in Visual DataFlex, Electos, the AJAX framework, Dynamic AI and the Codejock Library to name but a few. In addition, there were some terrific presentations on how to get the most out of the tools and demonstrations of what can be achieved.

The final presentation by John Tuohy, gave an overview of what’s scheduled for Visual DataFlex 2010/16.0. In particular, the introduction of an entirely new grid system for Windows applications. The new grid is a significant development project. Compared with the current grid, the new Visual DataFlex 2010 grid will provide developers with better looking Windows applications, many new grid features such as strong in-cell text editing capability and improved performance especially with large data sets.

You can find out more about the new Visual DataFlex 2010 grid, from John Tuohy’s slides presented at EDUC 2010 (PDF) on March 4th.

If you weren’t fortunate enough to attend EDUC this year, we hope to see you at the next EDUC conference in Spain.

Last Chance For Visual Report Writer Discount

You still have time to purchase the Developer Edition of Visual Report Writer, the latest reporting tool from Data Access, at the special introductory rate. However, this great 30% discount is only available for orders placed before the end of April, so don’t delay.

Main features of Visual Report Writer include:

  • A visual report designer, with wizards and ’drag and drop’ functionality, to help you create precise, professional reports.
  • Visual Report Writer works with a wide variety of ODBC data sources including Microsoft SQL Server, IBM DB2, Oracle, MySQL, Pervasive SQL, PostgreSQL, Microsoft Access, the DataFlex embedded database and more.
  • A range of output options, for example, reports can be viewed on screen, printed and exported to PDF.
  • Easy integration of reports into your Visual DataFlex Windows applications, with the help of a wizard.
  • Royalty-free deployment of reports integrated with your Visual DataFlex Windows applications.
  • The ability to lock your reports, so no one else can modify them.

Visual DataFlex 2009/15.1 and Windows 7

Having passed rigorous testing, Data Access have confirmed that Visual DataFlex 2009/15.1 is now supported on Windows 7, as well as Windows Vista, XP and 2000.

Diary Dates

VDF Special Interest Group (SIG) – United Kingdom

This event takes place on the 17th June 2010, and will cover the latest developments and points of interest in the VDF community.