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Visual DataFlex 2010/16.1 Available

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Data Access Worldwide has announced the latest release of Visual DataFlex 2010/16.1, providing a significant number of new features and enhancements for developers of Windows® and Web applications.

This release marks the completion of a series of major improvements to the Windows® product that began with Visual DataFlex 12.

According to the Data Access “Road Map“, future development, for the medium term at least, will focus more on enhancements to the Web product. This means that v16.1 should be a very good release for Windows® developers to upgrade themselves and their customers to, since it is likely to be a stable standard in that environment for a considerable time to come.

Data Access CTO, John Tuohy, will be presenting a Webinar on aspects of the 16.1 release on Wednesday May 4th at 3pm GMT (remembering that we in the UK are now on BST, however). You can register here in advance for the Webinar.

What Are the Benefits of this Release?

The primary focus of this release has been both implementing developers’ suggestions and ideas, while at the same time making improvements and enhancements to the grid system, introduced in the VDF 2010/16.0 release. The end result is a revision that enables developers to achieve the results they require more quickly and efficiently than before.

To download the latest versions of Visual DataFlex, use the following links:

Complete Studio Installation:

Web Application Server only:

Client Engine only: