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Try xTables Quest our Times Tables app for iOS devices

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We’ve recently developed an app for kids to practise their times tables on iOS (ipad, iphone and ipod) devices. It’s certainly been fun and we’ve enjoyed doing it, so we’d like to share what we’ve done with you.

Why a times tables app?

One of us Unifolks is a long suffering parent of primary school boys, who love playing computer games, such as Minecraft, but who do not enjoy practising their times tables for school. Many fruitless searches for multiplication apps, prompted a conversation in the Unicorn offices, which resulted in Mike Peat being persuaded to create a times table app.

The requirements

A swift requirements meeting was needed with our clients, who gave their time willingly (in exchange for some chocolate bars). It was identified that they wanted a times tables app that was located somewhere exciting like a jungle or a castle (graphics implications – not an issue for the game playing youth of today). They wanted to be searching for treasure and fighting monsters along the way – the usual type of stuff that appeals to boys aged between 7-11 years.

xTables Quest – a times tables app for adventurers

Mike more than rose to the challenge, coming up with the idea of a dungeon app – xTables Quest.

xTables Quest takes place in the Learning Dungeon where monsters must be slain using times tables knowledge. The challenge is to get to the lowest level of the dungeon to retrieve the Elf King’s stolen crown, which has been stolen by the Goblin Wizard.

We’ve created two versions of the xTables Quest app:

Alternatively, read more about xTables Quest and download from the Learning Dungeon.

Please download xTables Quest, try it and give us a review.