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Do you make informed business decisions?

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There’s nothing wrong with going with your gut – we all do it from time to time. But wouldn’t you rather be consistently making your business decisions on an informed basis?

You can have the answers to your business questions at your fingertips when you need them. How? By using Dynamic AI – a tool that accesses your data in real-time, integrates information from disparate systems and presents it in an easy to read format of your choice.

Dynamic AI – a robust web-based business intelligence (BI) tool

Dynamic AI gives you access to the information you need, helping you to track status, monitor goals and analyse situations immediately. With the help of customisable reports and dashboards, data is presented in easy to read maps, graphs and charts.

With Dynamic AI you can access the information you need from your iPad or iPhone wherever and whenever you want. No more running around, asking for printed reports from individual departments, Dynamic AI gives you your live data, anytime, anywhere, accessed from a web browser or an application of your choice.

See some examples of how data can be viewed using Dynamic AI to access data from an iPhone.

Why use Dynamic AI?

The crucial decisions that you make depend upon the reliability and accuracy of the information you get from your systems. Using Dynamic AI, there’s no waiting around, you can be sure you have the correct information at your fingertips.

With Dynamic AI you can quickly interpret and analyse your organisation’s data, enabling you to understand and manage how your business is performing. Set up dashboards with charts and maps to keep you informed of your profits, your stock levels, who is your top salesperson, which are your best selling products at certain times of year? etc.

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