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Electos 4.5 Content Management System Released

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Data Access announced the release of Electos 4.5, their Content Management System, at the ScanDUC 2013 conference in September. We downloaded Electos 4.5 Personal, to try out the changes and here are our thoughts.

Electos 4.5 – First impressions

On first opening Electos v4.5 the look and feel of the Studio is similar to previous releases with the menu on the left, allowing you to choose the area on which you want to work, i.e., website content, design, settings, etc. At this point you could be forgiven for thinking – nothing’s changed, it’s the same old Electos. But wait…

Enter the New Default Template in Electos 4.5

The new basic template that comes with Electos 4.5 has had a major overhaul and it’s this that shows how much work has been done under the covers. When you preview the website, you can see the huge improvements that have been made.

Gone is the outdated look which screamed “I have been generated from Electos” – in its place is a stylish, contemporary default website. The template has been nicely thought out, allowing it to be used by anyone who’s looking for a simple, functional website, which, at a pinch, could be used with no style changes at all (as long you’re happy using orange as the highlight colour).

Responsive Layout

New in Electos 4.5 is the introduction of responsive layout – so your websites work well on all screen sizes and devices with the minimum of scrolling and resizing.

The Home Page

The new standard Home Page incorporates all the things you would expect, such as, highlighted Features and Portfolio items, along with your latest testimonials and blog or news entries. There’s also a content slider below the main menu, to get your key messages across.

What’s really nice about the Home Page design is that as you naturally update the Features, Projects, etc.for your business, the latest updates and information will be shown, without you having to specifically edit your Home Page.

Other Page Templates

There are a number of page templates that you can use in Electos 4.5, allowing you to format your content according to the information you want to present. For example, the Portfolio template allows you to showcase the projects and companies with which you have worked and the Blog template presents your individual entries, date stamped and with the choice to share with a range of social media sites.:

Other features we like in Electos 4.5

In this release you get things done for you, which in previous releases required some thinking and manual effort, such as:

  • links to the main social media sites
  • a newsletter subscription link
  • a mechanism for customers to enter their testimonials
  • auto updated Sitemap.xml and robots.txt
  • default styles for quotes, buttons and highlighted text
  • responsive layout – for the minimum, resizing, panning and scrolling

There is a world of difference between Electos 4.5 and it’s predecessors and there are many new features and enhancements.

We have focussed on just a handful of the features that will save us time and effort going forward.

Our Verdict

For us, this is the best version of Electos to date. If you’re looking for a simple, easy to use Content Management System that generates easily maintained websites with social media links and blog entries this fits the bill.

If you haven’t looked at Electos before, or you haven’t looked at it for a while – it’s worth taking a look now.