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Highlights from the Data Access UK conference

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Dates: 22nd – 23rd April 2013
Location: Forest of Arden Hotel and Country Club, Birmingham, UK

A two day conference , with day 1, for training introducing the new DataFlex WebApp Framework, giving you a fundamental understanding of the framework and how to use it to create web applications. Day 2, is presentations covering the major changes that are coming in VDF 17.1, with its Web Framework, and details about the new releases of Visual Report Writer and Dynamic AI.

Mike’s highlights from the Data Access UK Conference in Birmingham

The Data Access UK Conference in Birmingham was well attended and a resounding success, according to our Mike Peat.

Mike was impressed with both the amount of information that Data Access managed to pack into the two days and the quality of the training and presentations. As always, it was a pleasure to meet up with fellow developers and clients to talk DataFlex into “the wee small hours”.

Here’s a quick summary of the conference. For those of you who were there, but didn’t have time to make notes of your own (we can all get drawn into the bar against our will!).

While all the presentations were interesting and informative, we’ve highlighted here the ones we think are most relevant for the majority of our customers.

Visual Report  Writer – What’s coming down the track?

Data Access are currently working on the next release of Visual Report Writer, with VRW v3.0 Alpha due to be available in the next month. Nick Nikijuluw (Data Access NL) showcased what will be coming in this next release, including Standard and Developer Editions, and a new Enterprise Edition.

Visual DataFlex 17.1 – all new Web Framework

Eddy Kleinjan stepped through the radical new way in which you will be able to develop Webapps in Visual DataFlex 17.1.

Currently, Visual DataFlex 17.1 Beta is available, with the full release expected in the near future. The Beta release is feature complete and is worth downloading to try out the new Web Framework for yourself.

Charts and Graphs in your VDF Windows Applications

An excellent presentation by Peter Bragg, about how to use the Codejock controls to add charts, graphs and dashboards (using docking panes) to your DataFlex Windows applications.

Dynamic AI on iPad

This presentation really highlighted just how useful it is to have your business intelligence application running on a tablet – removing the need to quickly print reports before going to a meeting. In addition, Eddy Kleinjan demonstrated the new “flat-style” dashboards, column actions, drag and drop functionality and balanced scorecards on key performance indicators (KPIs).

A key point was how Dynamic AI’s intuitive and easy to use user interface, promotes self-service business intelligence, allowing business users to access and work with corporate information without the IT department’s involvement.

Visual DataFlex 17.1 – Expanding the Framework

Presented by Harm Wibier, this presentation was highly interesting from a technical point of view. Mike has made copious notes referencing psJSClass, cWebHtmlBox, VDF Subclassing and JavaScript subclassing to mention but a few of the topics covered in this presentation. If these terms the prospect of expanding the 17.1 Web Framework sound interesting to you, please ask Mike.

Thank you

We hope those of you who attended the conference found it as informative and enjoyable as Mike did, and that it’s inspired you to go and try out some new Data Access products and features.