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DataFlex 2014/18.0 – Migrating from DataFlex 17.1

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DataFlex 2014/18.0

In August, Data Access Worldwide announced the release of DataFlex 2014/18.0 a robust development and deployment platform for Windows and web business applications enabling developers to deliver higher-performance, easier-to-use applications to application users.

Why migrate to DataFlex 2014/v18.0?

According to our Mike Peat, this is another great release from Data Access Worldwide and a significant stride forward in further simplifying web development for DataFlex developers. The underlying common technology core is a true strength for developing Windows and web applications, while at the same time laying the foundation for evolving mobile application capabilities in the future.

Here are just a few reasons why you should consider trying DataFlex v18.0.

  • Product-wide optimizations for SQL servers – To optimise DataFlex’s use with SQL database servers, DataFlex 2014/18.0 implements new SQL-related features and enhancements across every part of the product including the drivers, data dictionaries, DataFlex Web Framework classes and the Studio.
  • Developer productivity enhancements – To increase developer productivity and efficiency, provide more seamless integration among major development components and to take even better advantage of SQL databases.
  • New and expanded core product capabilities for both Windows and Web applications – Includes new Data Dictionary features, a new class for character encoding and translation, rewritten Client Web Services and WSDL parser, and more.

Migrating from DataFlex 17.1 to 18.0?

Each new release of DataFlex brings you fixes and new features to advance your development environment. To take full advantage of those, you may need to adjust existing workspace settings and structures.

In order to speed up that process and have your current workspaces comply with the new environment requirements, DataFlex Studio includes a Studio Workspace Migration Wizard that will bring workspaces and all their resources (e.g. libraries used in a workspace, paths containing directories outside a workspace root) up to the current revision requirements, i.e. it will migrate all that is needed for a workspace to be used in the current revision of DataFlex.

If you are migrating a web application from Visual DataFlex 17.1 to DataFlex 18.0, you might need to take an extra step to get your application to successfully compile and run in the new revision. This is due to a change in the tWebRow structure used in DataFlex Web Framework.

Read more in Marcia Booth’s Development Team Blog.

Download DataFlex 2014/v18.0 today

You can download DataFlex 2014/18.0 from: