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Summary from SCANDUC 2014

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The Scandinavian DataFlex Users Conference (SCANDUC) always manages to deliver informative, relevant presentations and training, along with as much fun as it is possible to have at a conference.

SCANDUC 2014 – another a great conference

As usual, all the presentations were of a high standard and for once it was impossible to single out a favourite. Strangely, Mike returned from the conference with a couple of injuries. Puzzling – as there was no mention of physical challenges in the presentations on the Agenda.

Anyone for Christmas Brew?

What we hadn’t known prior to the conference, is the Danish tradition of starting to sell the famous Christmas brew on the first Friday in November. The arrival of the Christmas brew is celebrated all over Denmark and participating in the tradition is essential. The Christmas brew, combined with a chance, late night meeting with a man who had “invented” a new type of bike (which looked suspiciously like a scooter) appears to be the cause of the injuries.

Read Mike’s “Setting up a Cloud Server” presentation summary

We’ve put a summary of Mike’s SCANDUC 2014 presentation, with all the steps about how to set up a Cloud Server, on our website. It’s worth noting that the entire presentation including all of the steps took only 25 minutes – it really is that quick to get yourself up and running in the Cloud. See the step-by-step instructions.

The Order Entry application that Mike has running on the Cloud server he created in the presentation, is here.

If you have any questions about setting up a Cloud Server, please contact us.