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DataFlex 2015/18.1 Released

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DataFlex 2015/18.1 is Released

DataFlex 2015/18.1 Released.

DataFlex 2015/18.1 takes your Mobile Web development to the next level

Mobile/touch applications that work across a range of devices are what end users both expect and demand today. DataFlex 2015/18.1 meets that demand by giving developers the ability to build responsive web applications for any mobile device.  

Applications can be created for one environment, Windows, web or mobile, or all three. Existing DataFlex web app code can be reused to include mobile interfaces.

What’s new in DataFlex 2015/18.1

The new 18.1 mobile/touch extensions can be used to build fast, responsive, good looking mobile apps on your existing DataFlex application infrastructure, using only the DataFlex Web Framework. With DataFlex handling the complexity of making your applications responsive, there’s every reason to move to the mobile world.

The Studio, Data Dictionaries, the Framework, SQL connectivity, record handing, UChar Array support, and Struct and Array functions have all been optimised to provide developers with the tools to create limitless business applications, and that’s just the beginning of the list of changes.

See the full list of DataFlex 2015/18.1 enhancements.

Find out more about DataFlex 2015/18.1

You can quickly see DataFlex 2015/18.1 in action by watching the Building for Mobile webinar, presented by Stephen Meeley and John Tuohy from Data Access Worldwide.

You can also try the Web Order Mobile Example, which is a new addition for hands on learning about the web and mobile updates.

Download DataFlex 2015/18.1 Today

Download DataFlex 2015/18.1 today and start learning how it can move you and your business forward. If you’re an existing customer with a current DataFlex 18.0 subscription your current registration codes will work for DataFlex 18.1. 

If you would like any help or assistance with DataFlex, either relating to this new release or just in general, please contact us today.