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DataFlex Handy tools

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Data Access Europe have made the following handy tools available to download from their website, to assist you with your DataFlex programming :

  • DataFlex Structure Viewer – which scans database relationships and then produces a graphical overview of your underlying system. The result provides an editable vector-based view, so you can modify the layout after the initial scan. The diagram can be stored as picture for documenting your system
  • DataFlex Data Pump– which simplifies the process of running, regular data exports from the DataFlex embedded database to a Microsoft SQL Server database (including the Express Edition)
  • ASCII table tool – identifies the character behind a decimal, hexadecimal or octal value OR insert one or more of those characters into a project
  • Batch Compiler tool – compiles multiple projects at a time
  • Classes Explorer – examines a selected workspace, using the same COM module that is used by CodeSense. The collected data will be delivered in three different ways.
  • DataFlex Studio Launcher – which determines the version of DataFlex Studio to launch
  • Space Killer – removes all trailing spaces from components
  • PC Settings – provides an overview of all your computer settings
  • DD Class Updater – helps you to use the same naming convention for all your Data Dictionaries
  • DataFlex Update Framework – a DataFlex code based framework for making automated database updates. It is designed to make it easy to update databases at customer sites when e.g. installing a new revision of a software that depends on changes have been made to the database before the new software version can run.

These tools (and more) are available to download from the Data Access Europe website via the Resources>Downloads menu.

Note: For downloading you will need to user your Data Access Global Account ID.

In addition to the tools that you can find on the Data Access site, you can also find tools and useful DataFlex resources on the – a free site where anyone can place DataFlex information and guidance to share.