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DataFlex Reports 5.0 Beta 1 Available

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DataFlex Reports 5.0 Beta 1 release has been posted by Data Access Worldwide. 

Note: This Beta release is available in the Developer Edition only.

New Features in DataFlex Reports Beta 1

The following new features are in this release:

  • support for mobile devices
  • DataFlex 18.2 integration library
  • new chart types (Pie and Pyramid)
  • redesigned keyboard interface and new keyboard interface for moving and resizing to a guideline
  • paper margins can now be changed from integration
  • new option ‘Allow move/resize of locked fields via keyboard’

For a full list of what’s new and changed in this Beta release, please read the DataFlex Reports 5.0 Beta 1 Readme file.

Download details

Before using this Beta release, please note the following:

  • Reports saved with the 5.0 product cannot be opened and used in earlier versions of DataFlex Reports (v4.x and older). DataFlex Reports 5.0 Studio can load older report definitions. Executing the reports created with older version may lead to different results.
  • DataFlex Reports v5.0 can run side-by-side with previous version such as v4.x.
  • You cannot use your DataFlex Reports 4.x (or older) license key. The Beta I version expires on March 1, 2016. Before that date you can expect more Beta versions or the final release.
  • The integration library contains many changes that apply to Windows, Web Desktop and Web Drill-down style applications.  An existing DataFlex Reports folder in the AppHtml folder of your web application needs to be removed and it will be replaced by a fresh copy from the library while attaching the library. The old javascript and CSS files (folders) in v5.0 are not supported as they needed a number of changes.

Try the DataFlex Reports Beta 1 today

Use your Data Access Global Account to login and download: