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DataFlex UK Seminar and Training – April 2015

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Dates: 21st and 22nd April 2015
Location: Pennyhill Park, London Road, Bagshot, Surrey GU19 5EU

Join us at the DataFlex UK Seminar and Training event in Surrey to find out about the latest developments that are happening within the Data Access Worldwide product set.

Day 1 Training: Migrate to Web – making the move

Tuesday 21st April, 9:30am – 5:00pm

Web, web, web! This is an introductory web development course for experienced DataFlex Windows and character mode developers. It’s practical, uses much of the development knowledge you already have and prepares you to succeed with web development.

Topics include: WebApp Basics, Data Dictionaries, Use of filters, Selection lists, Enhanced Web, Control Usage (sliders and manual lists), Reusing components, File up- & downloading. Finally Web Reporting using DataFlex Reports – an essential for any complete application.

To provide real world experience of application conversion, the course uses the legacy Data Access “DAR” example application as a foundation and converts key elements of it to the Web during the course of the day. Be sure to bring your laptop.

The price of this workshop is £175 and includes coffee and lunch.

Day 2: FREE DataFlex Seminar

Wednesday 22nd April, 9:00am – 5:00pm

A whole day of FREE presentations covering a wide range of subjects from what’s coming in DataFlex 18.1 and working with mobile devices and tablets, to how best to style your web applications and ramp up your reporting with DataFlex Reports 4.0.

Mike will be presenting “Integrating DataFlex Web Applications with Office 365”.


Time: 9:00am Welcome to the DataFlex UK Seminar. 
Presenter: Mike/Helen

Time: 9:15am DataFlex on the Move
Presenter: Nick Nikijuluw

Nick will talk about new expectations for both software and the people that create business software, in a mobile marketplace and how these changes and trends are being met by DataFlex software.

Time: 9:45am Nice tool, better code!
Presenter: Johan Broddfelt

Johan knows many modern programming languages and frameworks. He recently added DataFlex to his portfolio. This is an excellent opportunity to learn how for example PHP, .Net and DataFlex stack up against each other, when it comes to developing web applications.

Time: 10:15am Break

Time: 10:45am DataFlex 18.1 Overview
Presenter: Eddy Kleinjan

DataFlex 18.1 has something for everyone… Powerful Data Dictionary additions , New Studio features, Exciting new enhancements to optimize the use of SQL databases, New connectivity features, …and last and certainly not least, robust support for mobile/touch web applications. Eddy will present a summary of this stunning feature/capability set, and will identify the additional sessions during the event that will explain them in depth and teach you how to apply them in your Windows, web and mobile applications.

Time: 11:30am Deploy your DataFlex apps in the Cloud
Presenter: Mike Peat

What if you have developed the ultimate WebApp with DataFlex and want to get into business? Mike Peat shows how easy it is to use Amazon Web Services for deploying DataFlex in the Cloud!

Time: 12:00pm Putting the mobile web to work
Presenter: Harm Wibier

In this fast-moving presentation Harm will use an existing Data Dictionary environment and quickly build and deploy a mobile application that can be run by conference attendees on their mobile devices. DataFlex Studio and the new DataFlex Mobile Framework will be the only tools used to code a highly functional application with menus, lookups, forms and transactions. And, of course, because it’s DataFlex, the same core data can be concurrently used via Windows or desktop browser applications!

Time: 12:45pm Lunch

Time: 1:45pm Data Dictionaries 2.0 
Presenter: Vincent Oorsprong

Data Dictionaries are the architectural core of DataFlex applications across all environments. Their scope and capability have evolved significantly in recent releases. Key enhancements specific to the use of SQL databases have been implemented in the latest release that open new forms of power, flexibility and performance for developers. Vincent will discuss the benefits of the latest Data Dictionary features, and describe how you can integrate them into your applications.

Time: 2:30pm Styling Web Applications
Presenter: Roel Fermont

The web is a “hot” visual environment; well-designed games and consumer applications have set new, high standards for business applications. Today’s business users expect their web apps to have competent, good looking interfaces. Roel, a top web and graphics designer, will show examples of the application of good design principles to real-world DataFlex web business applications, and provide tips and techniques you can use to make well designed, user satisfying web apps.

Time: 3:00pm Break 

Time: 3:30pm DataFlex Reports 4.0
Presenter: Vincent Oorsprong

In this presentation, Vincent will demonstrate how easily the output of DataFlex Reports can be integrated with your web and Windows applications. He will also demonstrate useful techniques like drill-down reports and more.

Time: 4:15pm Integrating web applications with Office 365
Presenter: Mike Peat

Many applications rely on integration with core email, document and spreadsheet suites to provide a broad-based business solution. In this presentation, Mike will introduce the features available in the API of the rapidly growing Microsoft Office 365 cloud suite, and demonstrate aspects of integrating these into a DataFlex WebApp.

Time: 5:00pm Finish

Note: the training day will start at 9:30am and the Seminar starts at 9:00am. Both days finish at 5:00pm.

The venue

The venue is Pennyhill Park Luxury Hotel & Spa in Surrey. Located between Ascot, Sunningdale and Wentworth and only 45 minutes from the centre of London, this spa hotel in Surrey offers everything from tennis and five-star spa breaks to its own golf course, superb dining and elegant afternoon tea.

There’s plenty to do in the local area, with Windsor Castle, Brooklands Motor Sport and Aviation Museum and Denbies Wine Estate all within 30 minutes of the hotel. See what else is nearby.

Register today

Book your place at th DataFlex UK Seminar and Training event by either by contacting Unicorn InterGlobal (email or phone 0118 988 8709) or by registering online at Data Access Europe.

We look forward to seeing you at the seminar.