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DataFlex 2016/18.2 is Released

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DataFlex 2016/18.2 is Released

DataFlex 2016/18.2 is released by Data Access Worldwide – the latest version of it’s Web and Windows application development tool.

What’s new in DataFlex 2016 / 18.2?

This is a maintenance release that builds on the foundation of DataFlex 18.1. It focuses on developer suggestions and bug fixes. The enhancements and fixes range from the base system, up through data dictionaries and the framework and the developer tools themselves and contains over 225 implemented suggestions and bug fixes. 

See the full list of DataFlex 2016 / 18.2 enhancements on the Data Access forums.

Build Web and Mobile apps step-by-step 

There are some great resources to help you get started with building your Web and mobile apps.

See how easy it is to build web and mobile apps with DataFlex 2016/18.2 by following the DataFlex Quick introduction tutorial videos.

Alternatively, you may prefer to see how to get started building Web applications with Dataflex, by watching the series of Discovering DataFlex videos.

You may also, find it useful to watch the Building for Mobile webinar, presented by Stephen Meeley and John Tuohy from Data Access Worldwide.

Download DataFlex 2016/18.2 Today

Download DataFlex 2016/18.2 today and find out for yourself how easy it can be to build web and mobile applications for your business.

If you’re an existing customer with a current DataFlex 18.0/ 18.1 subscription your current registration codes will work for DataFlex 18.2.

Download DataFlex 2016 / 18.2 now