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DataFlex 4 WordPress has arrived

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Data Access Worldwide has released the DataFlex 4 WordPress – plugin software that you can use to extend and expand the functionality of a WordPress site with custom database apps.

You can use DataFlex 4 WordPress (DF4WP plugin) for allowing DataFlex web apps and views to be embedded on WordPress pages. This means that you can fully integrate your DataFlex applications within a WordPress site.

See DF4WP in action

For an example of the DataFlex 4 WordPress plugin being used in a production environment, take a look at the DataFlex International Software Developers (DISD) 2016 website. The DISD web site content is published in WordPress and the event registration and payment application is a DataFlex web app running as a DF4WP plug-in.

Start using DataFlex 4 WordPress (DF4WP) plugin

Everything you need to know about setting up and using DataFlex 4 WordPress is on the DF4WP website. To get started:

You can find out how others are using DF4WP on the DF4WP Forum.

If you need any help using DataFlex 4 WordPress, please contact us.