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DataFlex 4 WordPress plugin has arrived

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Data Access Worldwide has released the DataFlex 4 WordPress – plugin software that you can use to extend and expand the functionality of a WordPress site with custom database apps.

You can use DataFlex 4 WordPress (DF4WP plugin) for allowing DataFlex web apps and views to be embedded on WordPress pages. This means that you can fully integrate your DataFlex applications within a WordPress site.

Why use the DF4WP plugin?

If you are looking for an alternative to using PHP to write your WordPress apps, there’s another way – DataFlex.

DataFlex is an easy to learn language and framework with which you can quickly develop mobile and web applications. Let the DataFlex Studio guide you through the process of creating apps that you can embed in your WordPress site with the Df4WP plugin.

See the DF4WP plugin in action

For an example of the DataFlex 4 WordPress plugin being used in a production environment, take a look at the DataFlex International Software Developers (DISD) website. The DISD web site content is published in WordPress and the event registration and payment application is a DataFlex web app running as a DF4WP plug-in.

Start using the DF4WP plugin

Everything you need to know about setting up and using DataFlex 4 WordPress is on the DF4WP website.

To get started:

You can find out how others are using DF4WP on the DF4WP Forum.

If you need any help using DataFlex 4 WordPress, please contact us.