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Actian PSQL database now Actian Zen

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The newest version of PSQL, is now known as the Actian Zen Embedded database. Actian Zen Embedded database is the same zero-dba, embeddable, nano footprint, rock-solid reliable database with which you’re familiar, but now with a new name. Actian Zen v13 is available immediately for trial download and purchase from the Actian PSQL website.

What’s New in Actian Zen v13

The new features in Actian Zen v13 include:

  • Client Reporting Engine – The new 64-bit reporting engine enables customers to run SQL queries against client cache and offload large reporting workloads to a separate machine, reducing the impact on the main server engine.
  • New Btrieve C and C++ API’s – Actian Engineering has created a new, streamlined, more intuitive API to provide C++ database application developers simplified access to Btrieve calls.
  • v13 Beta for Raspbian, Windows IoT and Nano Server – Beta versions of Actian Zen v13 are available for: Raspbian Linux arm32, Windows IoT Core for x86 and arm32, and Microsoft Nano Server.
  • New Schema Export and Import in PCC – Actian Zen v13 now has database level exporting of all your metadata to a SQL script.