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DataFlex Reports 2017 / 6.1 is released

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Data Access Europe has released DataFlex Reports 2017 / 6.1.

This is a maintenance release incorporating a number of bug fixes and some additional new features.

New features in DataFlex Reports 2017

The new features are listed below. For details about fixed bugs, please refer to the DataFlex Reports 2017 / 6.1 Release Forum post.

  • Support for Managed Connections
  • Added Russian translations and collate definitions
  • Added Hungarian translations
  • Navigating in the report explorer pane now selects the object in the designer tab
  • Added option to show sub-reports in the Function Explorer
  • Added find by function ID option to the Function Explorer
  • Added import registration information to the registration dialog
  • Updated documentation

Download DataFlex Reports 2017 / 6.1

Before downloading, please read the notes relating to older releases in the DataFlex Reports 6.1 Released forum post.

There is a choice of two editions of DataFlex Reports:

DataFlex Reports 6.1 Developer Edition
DataFlex Reports 6.1 Standard Edition