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Moving from the DataFlex database to Microsoft SQL Server

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Are you still using the DataFlex embedded database for your DataFlex applications, but considering moving to another database? We believe you could benefit by moving to an industry standard database, such as Microsoft SQL Server.

Why change your database?

Although the DataFlex database is sufficient, current databases, e.g., MS SQL Server, will give you increased flexibility, efficiency and performance, which will allow you to:

  • integrate with data from non-DataFlex applications, nearly all of which use SQL databases
  • simplify administration, maintainance and support of applications, with the built-in tools and 3rd party products for SQL DBMS engines
  • benefit from the robustness offered by modern SQL DBMS servers, especially over LANs, WANs and Wi-Fi connections

Find out more about the many other benefits of choosing to use SQL with your DataFlex applications.

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