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Work Experience week July 2017

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Last week was work experience week and we were pleased to have, a 15 year old media student from the Willink School. We knew that the student was studying Media as a GCSE subject, so to test his skills we tasked him with creating an explainer video for Unicorn InterGlobal.

Getting started

As a company, Unicorn has no in house experience of creating videos, so Matthew was going to be very much on his own for the task. We pointed him at a few, free to use, online video tools and he chose the one that he found the easiest to use, which was Animatron. When he had familarised himself with the basics, we gave him a short storyboard to implement.

Zero to hero

We left Matthew to his own devices, as having completed the Animatron tutorial he was now the office expert and beyond help from us! From Unicorn’s perspective, we would have been pleased just to know that he had gained some skills and office experience. However, we were genuinely amazed at the quality of the video he produced.

It’s easier than you think…

We’re not sure if Matthew’s youth and enthusiasm made the video creation process seem easier than it actually is – but even so we’re encouraged to have a go ourselves. Failing that, we’ll get him to come back in the Summer holidays!

Give work experience week a try

This was the first time Unicorn has participated in work experience week and we are very glad that we did. We certainly didn’t expect to gain anything from it ourselves – yet we did. If you get the opportunity to get involved in work experience week yourself, we strongly recommend it.