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Dynamic AI 7.0 Beta is available

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At EDUC 2018, Cintac A/S announced that they are making great progress with the next version of their business intelligence tool and that Dynamic AI 7.0 beta is available for you to download and try.

Find out what’s in Dynamic AI Beta

Dynamic AI Version 7 is a 64-bit, Unicode product, ready to run on Windows and Linux, supporting JSON, REST and Docker for smooth Cloud deployment.

You can find out more about what’s coming in Dynamic AI version 7, by downloading the slides for the Dynamic AI presentation from the EDUC 2018 website. Note, to do this, click on the name of the Dynamic AI presentation to display the download button.

Try Dynamic AI Beta

For information and dowloads about Dynamic AI releases, including the Beta 7 release, see the Data Access Europe Dynamic AI downloads page