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Dynamic AI 7.0 Beta is available

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At EDUC 2018, Cintac A/S, creators of Dynamic AI, announced that they are making great progress with the next version of their business intelligence tool and that Dynamic AI 7.0 beta is available for you to download and try.

Dynamic AI features a unique database access and automated intelligence delivery system, design system, data integration features, application integration capability, 100% thin-client, web browser-based support, along with affordability. It’s robust set of business intelligence querying, reporting and analysis tools and features simplify the delivery of KPI’s and other vital information to empower key decision-makers and business users.

Find out what’s in Beta

Dynamic AI Version 7 is a 64-bit, Unicode product, ready to run on Windows and Linux, supporting JSON, REST and Docker for smooth Cloud deployment.

In summary, these are the features that are coming in Dynamic AI version 7:

  • Win 64 bit, Linux, MacOS
  • Native drivers
  • SQLite
  • IIS + Apache, no dependencies
  • HTML 5
  • JS (for modern generation browsers)
  • C++
  • Authentication ticket

These new features mean that you will see the following benefits:

  • The opportunity to select the platform to run DYNAMIC AI (no longer only Windows, no longer specific IE features)
  • More cost effective cloud hosting
  • Request based load-balancing in Enterprise solutions
  • Hot swappable servers
  • Command line execution of reports, design, exports (no Internet server needed)
  • Use DYNAMIC AI for any UNICODE supported language
  • Support for native data types in e.g. MS SQL, Oracle
  • Potential speed improvements from 64 bit native databases
  • All databases client installations included in install

You can find out more about what’s coming in Dynamic AI version 7, by viewing the slides for the Dynamic AI presentation from the Data Access Worldwide Presentations library.

Try Dynamic AI 7.0 Beta

For information and downloads about Dynamic AI releases, including the Beta 7 release, see the Data Access Europe Dynamic AI downloads page