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UK DataFlex Meetup 22nd October

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The UK DataFlex Meetup on Thursday 22nd October 2020 for DataFlex users to meet and discuss DataFlex software will be via Zoom due to the continuing Covid-19 restrictions regarding social gatherings.

UK DataFlex Meetup

Find the write up and video presentations from this meetup at


Time: 14:00 BST (Check the time for your timezone)

‘Agenda’ is probably too grand a heading to have here, as these virtual events are less formal than the traditional classroom style meetups that we used to have. However, as a guide, here’s a list of the subjects that have been suggested and the order in which they’ll be discussed.

  • Welcome
  • Presentation – “Leveraging SQL for Web Services”, by Sean Bamforth
  • Presentation – “An introduction to the SyncFusion Library“, by Wil Van Antwerpen
  • Your news – An opportunity to share what you’ve recently done, achieved, developed or used. It doesn’t have to be a presentation, or DataFlex related.
  • Discussion – The Cloud and Data Security
    For those working with Windows applications, moving to the Cloud and the security implications associated with that are a big consideration. Some questions for the group are: Who is hosting? What platforms do you have experience of? What is best practice when it comes to keeping data safe?

How to join the meetup

If you’ve already replied to our email invitation, or attended a previous Zoom meetup, simply wait for us to email you the meeting details. If not, contact us and we’ll send you the details to join.

If you would like to be kept informed of future Zoom meetups, sign up for our emails.

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