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Amazon Echo devices keep losing connection

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For a while now, the two Amazon echo devices that I have at home keep losing connection.

Initially, when we just had one echo, everything was fine and dandy. But when the newer model came out (a must have purchase) it seemed like a good idea to have two. And that’s when the problems began. Whichever one you tried to use, seemed to have ‘issues’ and was ‘experiencing problems’. This was tolerated in the house (by myself) for a good while, but with the addition of a third echo (a Christmas 2020 present) that can be used with a wall clock to show what timers are in action (another must have), the mood changed. My lovely wife (embracing the new tech) wanted to use the multiple timer feature when cooking – but alas when she tried to set timers via AlexaKitchen generally received the ‘I’m experiencing difficulties right now’ response. A new ‘zero tolerance’ approach was born, and as a result, my quest for identifying why our echos were so temperamental began.

I tried a reset but they both still had issues, still losing connection. Then, much fruitless googling, as no one else seemed to have this problem.

I eventually looked at my router (BT Home Hub) and noticed that both devices had a static IP address and both IP addresses were the same. Interesting, as this shouldn’t have happened in the first place

So, I

  1. removed one of the devices from my router using the Remove button
  2. did a hard reset of that Echo
  3. Re-configured the Echo using the Amazon Alexa App on my phone

I checked the device on my router and it now has the IP address set using DHCP and both Echo’s work perfectly.

Echo devices ip addresses

Interestingly, while writing this, I thought I would just check the devices on my router and noticed that the Echo I changed (AlexaKitchen) has gone back to being static, not sure why this is, but at least it is no longer a duplicate IP address.

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