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EDUC 2016 Conference Summary

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EDUC Conference Summary

The EDUC 2016 conference in Berlin was packed full of DataFlex information, and now we’re home. It was great to both meet new faces and put faces to the names of the people on the Data Access forums. Here’s a summary of the conference.

Data Access celebrating 40 years 

In the first presentation of the conference, Chip Casanave CEO of Data Access Worldwide, described the DataFlex journey, beginning with DataFlex v1.6, the mighty step to DataFlex v2.3 and onwards, to where they are today. The presentation was beautifully complemented with a video showing nostalgic pictures from the early days and thanked all those who have contributed to the success of Dataflex past and present. 


Of course, it wouldn’t be EDUC without the usual high quality technical presentations that demonstrate how to use the DataFlex products to their best advantage. Amongst other subjects there were presentation on using the latest DataFlex features, how to test your applications, how to improve your application security and using DataFlex with WordPress.

One of the things that makes EDUC such valuable event to attend is that there are presentations from DataFlex users, as well as Data Access. Mark Higgitt from CMAC, gave an insightful presentation about how CMAC use DataFlex and the role that DataFlex plays in the changes ahead for CMAC.

So far, the presentations for which we can provide links are:

As the slides for other presentations become available, we will pass them on to you.