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Hello dataflex.wiki, Farewell vdfwiki.com

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The independent DataFlex wiki site vdfwiki.com has been a useful source of information for DataFlex developers over the years (see the original post on the Data Access forums). More recently, the site hasn’t received much love, either in terms of articles and information from the DataFlex community or general maintenance to keep up with product name changes etc.

We at Unicorn InterGlobal have taken over the baton from Sture Andersen, as the new ’keepers of the dataflex wiki’ and our first action has been to rename it from vdfwiki.com to the new and snappier dataflex.wiki. Don’t get too excited, other than a few minor updates there hasn’t been much change yet! Our intention is to bring dataflex.wiki up to date (when time permits) and monitor whether it is still a useful resource for the community. Without doubt most information is on the Data Access websites and forums,

One of the main advantages of the dataflex.wiki is the opportunity to publicise all of the available tools and utilities within the DataFlex community (both Data Access and independent) – and that will be our first goal. So please, if you have any information that you would like to share on the dataflex.wiki, start contributing!

Take a look at dataflex.wiki.